Next General Meeting Aug. 3: Fat Movement Ecology

Please bring your dreams and visions for radical fat liberation to our next General Membership Meeting!

Fat Rose General Membership Meeting
Saturday, August 3rd 2019
11am-1pm PST │2pm-4pm EST

Meeting Topic: Movement Ecology

A lot of people feel desperate in these times, frustrated and unsure how to best be part of alchemizing the scale of change we need. In today’s meeting, we’re going to explore Movement Ecology, or how we move together as a fat liberation movement, using different strategies or theories of change. Where does Fat Rose fit in a Fat Liberation Movement Ecology?

For this meeting we will be reading and discussing:
Main Reading:
Movement Ecology

Optional readings if you want to dig into fat liberation examples:
Building Alternatives: Making an Appearance at a Conference for Ugly People by Rebecca Brill

Changing Dominant Institutions: DAFFY Action to Speak Out on Police Violence that Murdered Kayla Moore by Nomy Lamm

Personal Transformation: The Revolution is Inside: Radical Self Love By Any Means Necessary by Sonya Renee Taylor

Put it in your calendar: Fat Rose general meetings via Zoom video conference on the first Saturdays of each month from 11am-1pm PST│2-4pm EST

New folks!

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