We begin our Fat Roots project by honoring our dear friend Margo Rivera-Weiss.

Margo is a fat queer Latinx Jewish artist living in Oakland. Margo has a community approach to art — teaching low-cost art classes, organizing sketching events, creating community artists’ spaces, doing portraits of people in the community, and sharing their abundant art everywhere they can.

It’s in one of Margo’s art classes that Max first learned to do rubbercut printing, which eventually gave rise to “Fatties Against Fascism” shirts and soon after, Fat Lib Ink, then Fat Rose.

Much of Margo’s art focuses on food and its cultures, and you can find lots of Margo’s art gracing the pages and covers of Edible East Bay.

Margo has devoted their life to artistic community service. In addition to all their visual art, they’ve served on the FaT GiRL zine collective, and as editor of Sinister Wisdom Journal.

Margo is a huge source of artistic encouragement and possibility for Fat Rose.

Thank you, Margo, for being one of our vital Fat Roots.


A video about Margo’s art:

An article about Margo and their dad, Jaime:

Margo’s web site:

Margo’s Art on Facebook:
Margo Rivera-Weiss – Art

[image: ink drawing of Margo seated at a table drawing.]

Drawing and text by Max Airborne for Fat Rose

UPDATE: Margo died a few weeks after we posted this. More info at UltraViolet