Fat Rose organizes fat radicals to embed fat politics on the left, contributing to building an intersectional fat liberation movement. We do this by developing and promoting radical and intersectional fat-centered political analysis, and offering incubation spaces for radical fat activists, thinkers, artists, and organizers to dream big about how to bring fat politics into social movements.

First Saturday of each month
11am – 1pm Pacific (2pm – 4pm Eastern)

Our general meetings are open to fat organizers and activists who have become Fat Rose members (see “Join“).

Organizations and non-fat organizers who want to connect or collaborate, please email us at fatrose at fatrose dot org.

Our Vision

The future we envision honors all our intersecting identities, including our fatness.

In a Fat Rose future:

Fat people are integrated into all social movements. Our work and liberation are directly linked to the liberation of Black and Indigenous people, people of color, disabled people, queer, trans and non-binary people, women, poor and working-class people, displaced people, and all life on this planet.

No longer is shame a core mechanism of oppression.

We demanded an end to white supremacy.

We demanded an end to capitalism.

We demanded an end to cisheteropatriarchy.

We demanded an end to the carceral state.

We demanded an end to shame industries, like dieting and “wellness.”

We refused the narrative of individualism.

We invested in our collective liberation.

We learned to love our bodies as they are and care for them beyond the for-profit medical industry.

This paved our road to freedom.

We have built systems of intentional community care that support us in caring for our bodyminds while centering our autonomy. Fat people are everywhere and our lives and experiences are cherished. Our refusal to settle for the false promises of assimilation ensures our autonomy and liberation. Fat people of all sizes enjoy equal access to work, public accommodation, education, health care, and all that life has to offer.

We prioritize access, which allows us to move about freely and engage in community with one another. Caring for ourselves, and each other is no longer a radical act. Liberation for fat bodies has helped to ensure liberation for all bodies. Our bodies now belong to us, and we no longer have to fear their destruction.