WEEKLY group starts Feb. 20 — meets Thursdays 5-7:30pm PT / 8-9:30pm ET. (20 sessions)

MONTHLY group starts March 15, then 2nd Sundays of the month, 11am-1pm pacific / 2pm-4pm eastern (10 sessions)

All meetings via ZOOM video. This first group is for fat folks. We might do a more open one later.

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Fat Rose is grateful to be beginning our mutual aid study group with the curriculum from Dean Spade’s class at University of Chicago called Queer and Trans Mutual Aid for Survival and Mobilization.

With our Fat Rose lens, we’ll read about mutual aid projects of The Black Panthers, The Young Lords, contemporary and historical queer and trans-focused mutual aid projects, including support for migrants, prisoners, psychiatric survivors, people with HIV/AIDS, disabled folks, and violence survivors. We’ll study histories of mutual aid projects and theories of mutual aid to learn how movements engage mutual aid strategies to help people survive and to mobilize people toward collective action. We’ll discuss how it all relates to fat and disabled survival, resistance and power. Together we will illuminate some of our own ideas about fat & disabled mutual aid, and support each other to take action in our communities.

We’ll meet via Zoom video chat. However, we encourage folks to recruit local fat friends to participate in this group together. We hope this will support us all to be participating in local mutual aid efforts, whether it be building local fat and/or disability mutual aid networks, or supporting broader mutual aid networks to be more accessible and inclusive of fat and disabled folks.

These are meant to be participatory groups, with only light, rotating facilitation. 

Sign up at: http://bit.ly/fat-rose-mutual-aid-study