Fat Rose Toronto folks joined forces with other local groups to demand that the City of Toronto stop clearing encampments and start providing access. #NoBodyIsDisposable!

We care about our neighbours living in park encampments.

With love and rage we demand that the @CityOfTo stop clearing encampments and start providing access to water, fire safety equipment, bathroom facilities, tents, tiny shelters, foam domes, sleeping bags, and other equipment that will help our neighbours survive this deadly winter. #NoBodyIsDisposable!

As fat and disabled people, we understand what it means to be considered disposable and undeserving of basic care and respect. We know how vulnerable the pandemic and public health crisis has made so many of us. #NoBodyIsDisposable!

We demand a moratorium on encampment evictions. @CityOfTo we call on you to repeal the bylaws that make it illegal to camp and stop criminalizing people living in encampments. Consult with encampment residents about their needs. #NoBodyIsDisposable!


Thank you for the leadership and support from @esn.to.4real and the #NoBodyIsDisposableCoalition

Our full letter of solidarity has been sent to @johntory, @anabailaoto, @cllrgordperks, #JanieRomoff #MaryAnneBedard

Originally published on Instagram at @fatlibink

[Image description: sans-serif text reads Public Statement Against Toronto Encampment Evictions on top of the Fat Rose logo. The logo is hand-drawn and in muted purple colours, a big fist raised in the air encircled by block letters that say Fatties Against Fascism Resist. There are two roses, one on either side of the word resist. There are 6 slides in this series, all have white text over the purple logo. The text is posted above].