Our Own Fat Roots is a storytelling workshop series for Fat Rose members to explore the origins of our fat liberation stories! Exploring Your Fat Roots is the first workshop in the series. In it we’ll explore the paths of our fat liberation journeys through journaling, group shares, and somatic exercises.

Our Own Fat Roots cultivates fat storytelling as a personal and collective liberatory practice and as a form of base building. Our stories give us the tools and space to reflect on our experiences of fat radicalization and share them with each other and the world. This time around is for Fat Rose members — if you are a radical fatty and this sparks your interest, please join us at Fat Rose to get the link!

Workshop 1: Exploring Your Fat Roots
Sunday, April 4th 12-2pm PT | 3-5pm ET
For Fat Rose members! Join Fat Rose to participate: fatrose.org/join or check this week’s Fat Rose email for a sign-up link. Contact fatrose@fatrose.org for more info. Sign-ups are open through April 1st, 2021.

Image description: a poster for Our Own Roots storytelling workshop. It has a purple background with black text that reads: “Our Own Fat Roots: Exploring Your Story of Radicalization. Workshop 1: Your Fat Roots. Sunday, April 4th, 12pm-2pm PST on Zoom. Join Fat Rose to participate: fatrose.org/join. Auto-generated captions provided. A storytelling workshop for fat folks looking to get more in touch with their personal timelines of fat liberation. Come ready to write and share!” Along the bottom of the poster, two cute fat people, one white, one Black, cozy up under a blanket to talk. A dog relaxes on their laps. Beside them is the Fat Rose logo. It’s a big fist raised in the air encircled by block letters that say Fatties Against Fascism Resist. There are two roses, one on either side of the word resist.