Here are the links we mention in Instagram that aren’t on our own website — most recent at the top.

Survival skillshare

We’ve created this living document of survival skill sharing for fat & disabled folks who need power for their electrical medical equipment or refrigeration for meds, food, etc. — Please share and contribute!

Mutual Aid for fat & disabled folks in the SF East Bay Area during fire season, PGE Shutoffs.

Are you in the East Bay and needing support in a power outage or smoke out, either this weekend or in general? Please let us know by or leaving a voicemail at 910-722-9552 This list will be kept confidential to a small handful (less than five) of organizers. 

Are you in the Bay and have resources to offer? Please complete this form or call 910-722-9552. (There was a resource spreadsheet circulating but there was concern about it being publicly accessible.)

If you have financial resources to help purchase equipment, please Venmo stacey-milbern or PayPal

WMSURJ Reparations Campaign
#FattiesAgainstFascism in Western MA are redirecting wealth to local fat, disabled, queer & trans black organizers. Support this campaign at