Fat Rose helped kick off the #Superfest and Making Change Media #NoBodyIsDisposable film series this summer, participating in a panel discussion about the intersections of race, disability and fat, following a screening of the film “Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement” by Regan Brashear.

Fat Rose’s Max Airborne was on the panel with Valerie Novack and Silvia Yee, with conversation moderated by Nikki Brown-Booker.

In the wake of the COVID pandemic and George Floyd’s murder, the panelists talked about how the myth of disposability shapes who is cared for and who is treated as expendable. We lifted up the disability justice framework that No Body Is Disposable — a phrase originally coined by Patty Berne of Sins Invalid, and lifted up in campaigns to resist crisis care rationing and beyond.

Watch the rich panel discussion! [More here on the movie!]