However possible, fat crips are gonna fight — to stay alive if we want to, to defend each other, and to build a world in which we ALL can thrive with dignity and care. A world healing/healed from white supremacy. Fuck the police, fuck prisons, fuck racist ableist incarcerating institutions and fuck all systems of domination and genocide. We include fat hatred and diet culture among these systems, and as a tool of these systems.

I just printed 16 of these tanks. It was an experiment. It’s the only time I’ll print this awesome design by El Poché, because the color blocks are impossible to align on stretchy knit fabric. So get them while you can. All $ from sales during June and July is getting redirected to Black QT folks. Shirts are free to Black folks, always. DM us your size and which shirt you want (check the store to see what we’ve got):


[image description: 3 images of freshly block-printed white tank tops with green and red ink depicting 3 fat crips using a wheelchair, a scooter and a walker, and the words “Antifa Tank Division.”] #FattiesAgainstFascism #AntifaTankDivision #AbolitionNow #DefendBlackLives #BlackDisabledLivesMatter #BlackFatLivesMatter