Originally posted as a social media “loop” campaign on Instagram across four accounts: Fat Rose, Care Not Cops PDX, Sins Invald, and The Body Is Not An Apology.

Fat Rose:

We refuse to be blamed for our own deaths. It’s time to fatten the conversation around victim blaming.


White supremacist, colonial perceptions of the ideal body shape Western medicine—an inherently eugenicist project. The bodies of Black, Indigenous & other people of color have always been used by this system to reify whiteness while blaming POC, fat & disabled ppl for the ways we have been simultaneously targeted & failed by this history. We say no more!

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Posted by our collaborators:

Care Not Cops PDX

We refuse to be blamed for our own deaths.” It’s time to fatten the conversation around victim blaming. ⛓⚔️


The prison industrial complex pushes the narrative that the people it systematically targets and brutalizes could have avoided imprisonment and police murder if they had only been more careful, or made “better choices” – implying that these people are the ones at fault for their own caging, death, and surveillance. Our society’s legacies of colonialism, anti-Blackness, white supremacy, and criminalization bolster the PIC and this narrative of disposability. We see how Eric Garner was blamed for his own murder by police because of both his Blackness and his fatness – when the real cause was state-sanctioned anti-Blackness and fatphobia. Care Not Cops is in solidarity with those targeted and brutalized by the PIC (including Black people, non-Black people of color, fat people, disabled people, mentally ill people, houseless people, queer people, and trans people), and we refuse the narrative that these people are responsible for their own deaths. No one is disposable.

Thank you to @fatlibink for inviting CNC to join this campaign and add context around how the PIC blames people for their own deaths.

Sins Invalid

We refuse to be blamed for our own deaths. It’s time to fatten the conversation around victim blaming.

In our work at Sins Invalid, we know that the deaths of disabled people are wrongfully pinned on disabled bodies, rather than the violences of ableism, the medical industrial complex, and colonialism. We know fatphobia and ableism often co-manifest (and harm fat disabled people the most) and our struggles for liberation are inherently interconnected! From eugenicist triage protocol to violence by the police and border patrol, it’s past time to stop blaming oppressed people for their own oppression.

The Body Is Not An Apology

We refuse to be blamed for our own deaths. It’s time to fatten the conversation around victim blaming.

At The Body Is Not An Apology, founded by @SonyaReneeTaylor, we educate about the pervasive and toxic ways systemic oppression — including fatphobia, anti-Blackness, racism, colorism, colonialism, sexism, classism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia and more — are interlocking and function at the site of the body as #BodyTerrorism against marginalized people. We champion the practice of #RadicalSelfLove as a journey from self-hatred to healing that transforms the world from the inside out 


Img 1:
White, bold text over a black background reads “We will not be blamed for our own deaths”. The word “deaths” is in bright red text.

Img 2:
At the top of the graphic, bold text reads “We will not be blamed for our own deaths”. Below, there are four rounded shapes stacked on one another. On the bottom layer, there is a red background with black text identifying examples of marginalized identities: fat, queer, Black, poor, Asian, incarcerated, brown, young, Jewish, trans, womxn, Palestinian, Indigenous, disabled, undocumented, Muslim. The next layer above it has a black background and white text that represents oppression against marginalized people: Anti-Black racism, classism, fatphobia, xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, transphobia, reproductive oppression, homophobia. The next layer above has a turquoise background with black text labeled “Institutions”, listed as Medical Industrial Complex, housing, prisons, policing, education. The top layer, which fills the background of most of the graphic, is green and labeled “Systems”. It reads: White supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism.